Our product range: C-Parts. No limits.



A selection of the product groups available in the standard range is shown here to give you an impression of the extent and depth of the range:

  • DIN and standard parts
  • Connectors and fastening technology
  • Screw and plug connectors
  • Anchors and clamps
  • Furniture and construction fittings
  • Rivet technology
  • Protective equipment
  • Metalworking and assembly tools
  • Electrical and pneumatic tools
  • Cutting equipment and abrasives
  • Soldering and welding technology
  • Automotive technology
  • And many more

In addition to this standard range we offer an application-specific product range for your individual circumstances, including our own W.TEC product line:

We always offer our products in combination with a wide variety of system solutions. We see ourselves not only as a C-Parts partner to the industry, but as an expert technical partner for application and design advice.

Effective C-Parts management within the CPS® is only possible if you can access a comprehensive catalogue and warehouse range of C-Parts and can combine them with logistical supply concepts.

This is why we offer you a specialised C-Part range of more than 1,400,000 items for industrial production, maintenance and repair as well as comprehensive product solutions.