Modular system environment

System solutions are key to your efficient C-Parts procurement.

C-Parts such as connectors and fasteners are low value, but cause disproportionately high procurement and processing costs. Using an appropriate procurement and system concept can reduce the high costs and the high level of administrative effort to a minimum.

You decide on the nature of the C-Parts solution and we do the rest: from detailed, individual project planning and implementation of the system, to taking over the planning, procurement and quality control right up to handling the storage and distribution of goods to the production line.

Benefits of C-Parts management
  • Maximum supplier bundling
  • Tailor-made logistics and supply solutions
  • Precise, direct deliveries to your point of use
  • Fully automated supply of C-Parts
  • Maximum cost reduction and process efficiency in purchasing, production and material flow
  • Electronic supply systems and data management
  • Adaptation of the inventory and scheduling in accordance with economic conditions
  • Use of innovative technologies such as CPS®RFID, ORSY®mat and many more
  • Personal on-site support