Sustainable C-Parts management

For us, sustainability is the fundamental basis for responsible, entrepreneurial action and is based on balancing the dimensions of ecology, economy and social affairs. All the three dimensions focus on using the resources – natural, financial and human – consciously and responsibly. After all, consistent sustainable development can only be achieved if environmental, economic and social aspects are in harmony.

Sustainability is a strategic success factor for us worldwide. In over 60 companies in more than 40 countries, we are continuously looking at how we can act more sustainably in all areas of our business activities and are implementing targeted measures.

Sustainable systems solutions


Sustainable system solutions

With our automated system solutions, we contribute to a sustainable C-Parts management of the future. Thanks to RFID Kanban, we are able to optimise delivery cycles based on actual needs and consumption, shorten reaction times and optimise transport and logistics efficiently. The actual reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 50 percent indicates the savings that can be achieved.

We also focus on the reusable Kanban bin itself, and specifically on the recyclability of the material from which the bins are made. In manufacturing, we rely on a regranulate that consists of 100% recycled material. In this way, defective bins can be reprocessed into regrind or new regranulate via a grinding process. Approximately one tonne of CO2 is saved for each tonne of regranulate used compared to the new production of the raw material.


Sustainable logistics

Sustainability also plays a significant role in our logistics. For example, volume reducers help minimise the shipping volume by automatically adjusting cartons to the actual filling height. Not only packaging materials but also the transport volume can thus be significantly reduced.

In addition, our Kanban bin, W-KLT®2.0, contributes significantly to saving the resources in our logistics. It not only takes over the function of classic packaging unit (PU), but can also be used directly as transport packaging. In sizes 6411 and 6429, it can also be used in logistics as a tray for transport on the bin conveyor technology.

Sustainable logistics
Sustainable products


Sustainable products

In order to actively contribute to a sustainable use of resources, Würth relies on the ecological ECO LINE product line, among other things. Regarding our ECO LINE products, for example, we do not use environmentally hazardous active ingredients, aromatic hydrocarbons and substances that are harmful to the climate. The reduction in volatile organic compounds additionally allows a safe application and at the same time, the products are just as effective as conventionally manufactured products.

Our REFILLO® products also enable a safe and judicious use of resources. With our compressed air-based REFILLO® reusable systems for refilling spray cans you avoid the use of propellant gas and reduce your waste volume and thus the resulting disposal costs. The outcome: strong products for a safe environment.


Sustainable corporate culture

Social and corporate responsibility are the topmost priority for us and our employees. Being a family business, we have always been committed to following this principle. In doing so, we firmly observe various aspects. For instance, as a part of our strong corporate culture, we invest in a comprehensive and preventive occupational safety and health protection, work-life balance, flexible working hours and locations, equal opportunities and gender equality, diversity, promoting lifelong learning and development as well cooperation and support in work. One thing has always been constant here: the focus is on people. This principle is also reflected in the company’s social commitment, which especially supports charitable and social institutions, a multitude of projects in art and culture, research and science as well as education.

Sustainable corporate culture


TV Report Sustainability at Würth Industrie Service

The Dutch television team RTL Doe Maar Duurzaam visited us at the Würth Industrial Park in Bad Mergentheim.